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Saturday 11th February 2017

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Saturday 11th February 2017   Viewing 8am – Start 10am

Sale of 500 Lots includes: Nameplate Cossack Warship Class (D604); Industrial Nameplates Olga (Andrew Barclay 0-6-0ST of 1909), Raven (Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST of 1902), Sao Domingos (Portuguese); Smokebox Numberplates 5059 (Earl St. Aldwyn), 30581; Cabsides 3734, 4326, 6649; Worksplates inc LMS Derby 1933, Hawthorn Leslie 3894 1936, Built Brighton 1957, Built BR Crewe 1962 (Class 45), BR Derby 1965 (Class 25), BR/EE 3486/F332 1965 (86235 Novelty), Andrew Barclay 517 1966 (0-4-0 Diesel Hydraulic) (x2), GM Loco Group 1999 (66187); Cab Interior Worksplate NBL/GEC 1959 (Class 21/29); L&NER 9”x5” Darlington 1890 68254, 1937 4925, N. B. Loco Co 1948 61297; Totems BR(S)  Guildford, Leigh Halt, Maidstone East, Preston Park, BR(M) Willesden Junction; Targets SR Lewes, Ramsgate; LT Roding Valley; BR Modern Image inc Harrow and Wealdstone, Invergordon; Seatback SR Ash Vale (Enamel); LB&SCR Indicator Enamel Polegate; Pocket Watches inc GWR, L&NER, BR(S); Shedplates  inc 1B, 8C, 16C, 24C, 55H, 70F, 71A, 71B, 86H, 83D (Alloy); Depot Plaques Toton, Stratford; Signalling inc L&NWR (Fletchers), MR, GNR, L&NER, GWR; Single Line Staff Caernarvon-Felin Heli; Webb & Thompson Large Train Staff Rowfant-East Grinstead; Single Line Key Bodmin General-Boscarne Jnc; Single Line Tablet Wendling-Dunham; Handlamps inc LB&SCR Chichester/Croydon, L&NER Kings Cross, EKR, CLR GNR (Inspectors); Lamps inc BR(W) Slip Coach, L&NER/BR(S) Splitters, BR(E)/SR Loco Headlamps; Loco Items inc Flame-Cut Front Panel 86257, Cab Gauge ex 60026, (Miles Beevor), Merchant Navy  Class Wooden Cab Windows, Royal Scot Class Smokebox Door /Ejector Handles (Royal Scots Grey); MR/GWR/SR (Tri-Tone) Whistles, Tenderplates, GWR Cab Notices, SNCF Bodyside Lettering Plate; Wagonplates inc SR (L&SWR Pattern) Ashford, BR Brake Van ‘D’ Plates; Coachplates inc Pullman, LMS, SR; Cast Iron inc Midland & North Eastern, GW & L&NWR, L&SWR, SR, CLC, GCR, L&NER, MR, LMS, BRB; Enamel inc BR(S) Kenley T.P. Hut, West Wickham Substation; Doorplates inc Enamel SR Enquiries, BR(S) Lamps/Parcels And Left Luggage, BR(M) Waiting Room, BR Assistant Area Manager/Staff Only, C/I L&SWR Private No Admittance Except On Business; Models large selection inc  ‘O’ Gauge Electric GWR 5700 Class 0-6-0PT, 5600 Class 0-6-2T, Metropolitan Railway G Class 0-6-2T ‘Brill’, SR/BR(S) D16/9 Class 1Co-Co1 10201, BR(S) N Class 2-6-0, GWR (inc Auto Coach) / LMS Coaching/Rolling Stock, ‘00’ Gauge Metropolitan Railway 0-6-2T F Class 92; Other Items inc LB&SCR 4 Lever Ground Frame; Signal Box Diagrams inc BR(S) Selsdon, Southease, LB&SCR Lewes Road; Shipping Items inc HMS Hermes (Named) Step Tread, Royal Navy Ships Plaques, HMS Hood/HMS Rodney Items inc HMS Hood Medal/HMS Hood Christmas Card; German (WW2) Passenger Coach Eagle; SR/BR(S) Merchant Navy/Battle of Britain Class Naming Brochures (inc one signed by O.V.S. Bullleid); Bus Items inc E Plate 74 Southdown Needles Estate, LT Bus Plate RT 2816, Set of ‘3D’ Style Letters Leyland; Pullman Coach Chair; Original Oil Paintings; Posters inc SR Map of System and Continental Connections; Good Quality Reproduction Nameplates inc BoB ‘Spitfire’, A3 ‘Humorist’, A4 ‘Gannet’, Jubilee ‘Windward Islands’; Carriage Prints; Silverplate; Photographs; Negatives inc 1000 BR Steam Era; Slides inc BR Diesel/Overseas; Advertising Enamels inc Franklins Ginger Beer & Lemonade - Rickmansworth etc.                           

 Please Note: No Buyer’s Premium on any single item realising £5000 + or as annotated in the auction catalogue.

Auction at: The Wickham Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, Hampshire, PO17 5AL

Ample parking, level access, wide selection of sales-stalls, Sarah & Colette's catering

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